the full sample making course

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the full sample making course

Nikola Nikolic
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composing samples isn't difficult

the question is, do you know where to start?

do you find yourself going through presets without any inspiration?

are you repeating the same process over and over again?

making samples has never been easier

let's save time and make sure you're making the best music possible.

in these lessons i'll teach you everything i know, give away all my secrets, tips and tricks.

there are strategic things you can implement instead of going through countless presets/instruments, to actually be productive.

my notable production credits:

  • "aa" by isaiah rashad from his debut album "the sun's tirade"
  • "mexico" by PNL from their triple platinum album "le monde chico"

production credits spotify playlist

here’s what you'll get:

video course

  • setting up the right template
  • finding the right sounds
  • in-depth sample breakdowns
  • crafting the perfect effects
  • chord selection and melody matching
  • having a balanced mix/master
  • tips and tricks

3 full behind-the-scenes sample making videos

  • witness my full process, from the start up until the ending product
  • 9+ hours total, in 3 separate sessions, i'll go through my whole process of finding sounds, making chords and melodies from scratch, alongside balancing, mixing and mastering

my personal preset arsenal

  • 25 mixer presets

Clarity One Shot Kit

  • 300MB's in 134 one shots and sounds
  • non-recycled, no-filler sounds, emulating analog synths, with live guitars and vocals

clarity one shot kit preview:

by the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • find and make incredible sounds easily
  • get out of creative blocks quickly
  • minimize slacking
  • get the best use of my one shot kit
  • think in new ways

the full course is, broken down into individual lessons to ensure easy follow-through.

your watch progress will be saved so you can continue where you left off.

the course is held in fl studio but the techniques can be replicated in any daw.

you'll also be invited to join a private discord sever.

there are only 100 copies available.

see you soon!

if you have any questions feel free to email me at nikolaxnikolic@gmail.com

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