SPACE - FL Mixer Presets

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25 FL Studio mixer presets that will enhance any sound.

Hear previews below.




preset name: "alien pad"

preset name: "f-d up piano"

preset name: "spacey pluck"


Dry Vocal:

Processed Vocal:

preset name: "vocal to electric guitar"

preset name: "isolation vocal"

preset name: "vocal dark"

Important: Presets do use some stock plugins, but in order for them to work properly you need to have:

  • fl studio version 20+
  • waves bundle 12+
  • valhalla dsp plugins
  • soundtoys plugins
  • fab filter plugins
  • air plugins
  • goodhertz plugins

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This product is compatible with fl studio 20 and newer versions

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SPACE - FL Mixer Presets

0 ratings
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